12 weeks...

Got my 12 week ultrasound today. The baby looks great according to my doc. Funny how powerful a little 3 inch, 1 gram person has, as it cannot voluntarily do anything yet, but has complete superhuman abilities to wreak havoc on my body and all of it's vital systems just by its presence alone.

I'm headed into my 2nd trimester and the need for daily naps is waning. My nausea is almost gone. I think I am turning that corner. This is wonderful since I start work in less than a week. Bittersweet. I wanted so badly to have a baby, and yet, I wanted so badly to get some stuff done over the summer as far as decluttering and deep cleaning the house. Guess who won? ;)


Here are some pics:

I labeled it since it's can be hard to see...


And here's a lovely self portrait of my ... uh ...humps.

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